From Libraries to Good Units

21 Apr

BanksySpring Break has been treating me well-

Although my main girls left me here to melt in the shit NY Weather® (may as well start trade marking it) I’ve been having some fun and  making $ at my latest cocktail gig Pop Burger (58th&5th).

Last night I headed out with the Socialight club crew and hit the Blackbook after concert party for Audio Dynamite. The party started in the ‘library’of the Hudson Hotel. Renowned NL blogger Steve Lewis aka Goodnight Mr. Lewis, of Blackbook Magazine, was tearing up the turn tables and looking fresh. Looking back I’m mad myself for not going up and introducing myself- to my defense the clashing pool balls and gripping rock tunes had me pretty distracted.

The party was killer-drinks were flowing.-met some really cool chicks and warmed up for the dance parties that followed downstairs in the notorious Good Units basement.

Around 2 am or so we headed to the basement -2nd time being here- I visited once before while helping out with a Prince Peter fashion show last year- and Jeeze do I love this place.

Dj Cassidy, and ?uestlove were hosting their monthly party,  and were blaring classic 80’s and ‘I’m proud to be an American’ rock n roll hits.

-Check this out if you’re on board to start the Revolution

Mmm I get warm thinking about it, sensations REAKING of an underground New York sweaty- free-urban-dance party (minus the confined space). Flawless red pewter and white graffiti donned the walls like a billboard, instilling the names of the honorary DJ’s

The most down and dirty tracks of the night go to Jump by the boy Van Halen and of course You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC.

Hell yes


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