Rooftops & Beer Gardens

3 May

Finally some warmth!  Hit Central Park yesterday for my first official visit of the year and had a splendid afternoon, indulging in my ‘king cone’ ice cream was definitely a highlight.

Felt so good to kick back, poke some smot, and people watch, all while soaking in some hearty Vitamin D- no place more visually stimulating then good ol’ NYC. Jamming to some Nikki Minaj Pandora also added to the tranquil serenity.

On a personal note, I have some news I need to share with all of you. For the first time, since living in NYC, I am certain I have fallen deeply in love. Real love, shoot for the stars-World Series kind of thing. People say when it happens you just know, and I can type here before you and vow that I have fallen madly in love with this city.

Sorry, back to the moral of the story and my intent for this post- Spring never sprung and I have a feeling that we have taken a hop, skip, and a leap, into the infamous sticky and humid Summer season. I see a bad moon rising Summer is on the horizon and that means two things: Rooftops and Beer Gardens.

Here are two solid directories with the best deals/ chillest atmosphere’s, that will keep you stylishly booze fueled all season long:


Beer Gardens:


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