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T R E N D Y via Trendland

16 Jul

Stumbled across the Trendland tumblr a few months back and truly am in awe of their artistic and creative vision- So inspiring- Never a dull moment- and consistently eluding the extraordinary:

Creative Collaborations via SoHo Social Club

9 Jul

Asked to model for friends of mine at the Soho Social Club– Never do I turn down the opportunity to work collaboratively with a group of creative and like minded  people- After all the only likely result will be new found energy and dope content:

The set, private courtyard of an Upper East Side apartment

Moving Indoors

SSC-SoHo Social Club is the redefinition of new york city socialites life style. The theme that embodies fashion,culture,and the music that compliments these elements. SSC was born in the streets of SoHo New York by Suhail Sharif a futurist an visionary and Tival Williams fashion guru & maverick. Art imitates art within ones perspective of life. As you will see this insight through a myriad of visual expressions. As we like to say just do the ( M.A.F ) that’s Music.Art.Fashion

Follow these cool dudes on Twitter for constant inspiration and creative conceptualization @TheOfficalSSC

Real Juicy Fruit Inspired Jewelry

25 May

Be a Cool Kid In Kiwi

Dragonfruit or Organic Polka dots? How Bout Both

“Rock A Blood Orange Not a Blood Diamond”

Chromatic Electrostatic part duex

28 Apr

Living is too expensive. Crazy how a manicure can inspire a lady..


  loving The It Color












22 Feb


Loving this

Santa Hangs with Fashions Biggest Influencers

16 Dec

Flash Update: Working as a marketing assistant at a lifestyle and brand architecture firm called The Foundation. Amazing place. Amazing group of individuals. Check blog here

As a promotion for a Swiss headphone brand called Urbanears, my boss and I headed on a Sweedish Sanata Tour and visited major publications throughout NYC. As far as fashion is concerned, this is where trends of the World  are set, and  where the standards of  fashion are defined.

I must saying cruising around Manhattan in a 3 series with santa in tow is not something many people can say they’ve done. It was also brought to my attention that (most) people cannot help but smile or let out a “ho ho ho” at the sight of the man in red.

Our tour consisted of 5 stops which included: Paper Magazine, Elle, GQ/Details, Vogue, and Interview.

While visiting during normal biz hours, staffers of the prestige companies were  surprised by Santa’s visit, and nonetheless pleased when gifted a free pair of dope ass earphones. It felt surreal to be among the people who curate and conceptualize the trends of the World.

The view from the conference room at ELLE was amazing, although I guess that’s to be expected on the 14th Floor. The Condenast Building (home to Vogue and Details) is no joke. All bags are sent through a conveyer belt screening (like at the airport) upon entering. The lobby of Vogue felt as if you where in the living room at a friends home in the Hamptons.

Overall it was an experience I’ll never forget. Here are some images that recap the day. Cheers!








10 Oct

As we are aware, it is a somewhat endless abyss when selecting your choice of activity or entertainment that will cater to your curiosity craving. In lieu of celebrating my mothers birthday, as per request, we set out to explore the abundance of art galleries located throughout the vacant corridors of the west end of  Chelsea. There are usually about 200 galleries/ exhibits on display (mainly for free) at any given time of the year. This gallery district stretches from about 29 st-14st, with many of the galleries lying betwen 10th and 11th aves — although others can be stumbled upon starting at 9th ave.

I am surely no connoisseur, but I appreciate art– the way it makes you feel, and the inspiration that can be derived. There were certain exhibits and galleries that have left a never ending impression in my heart and brain. I’m so mad at myself for not taking a card, or writing down the name of these particular ones (mental note for next time).

The Pace Galleries were DOPE:

-This One created by David Bryne named the “Tight Spot” features a gigantic inflated World globe that is wedged between steel posts, which serve as the foundation for “The Highline” public park  located above.

-The Social Media exhibit was also quite fascinating. It displays the impact and dominance that the world of social media has on our current generation and the world.

Also, If I may suggested the perfect place for serene replenishment, check out The Frying Pan bar located on a ship literally a top the Hudson river:

“Built in 1929, this historic lightship (one of the few remaining) is said to have spent three years at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay before being salvaged and brought to Chelsea Piers to become the ultimate “dive” bar. The boat, docked on a railroad car barge, boasts a musty, barnacle-encrusted interior (complete with catwalks and an exposed engine room) straight out of a Nine Inch Nails video. The far end of the barge often serves as a moody dj lounge and stage for live acts. Booze and burgers are served up on the pier, and a 16-foot observation plank offers a fantastic view of activities on the Hudson, including the occasional water salute from the Frying Pan’s neighbor, the John J. Harvey fireboat.” source: