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10 Oct

As we are aware, it is a somewhat endless abyss when selecting your choice of activity or entertainment that will cater to your curiosity craving. In lieu of celebrating my mothers birthday, as per request, we set out to explore the abundance of art galleries located throughout the vacant corridors of the west end of  Chelsea. There are usually about 200 galleries/ exhibits on display (mainly for free) at any given time of the year. This gallery district stretches from about 29 st-14st, with many of the galleries lying betwen 10th and 11th aves — although others can be stumbled upon starting at 9th ave.

I am surely no connoisseur, but I appreciate art– the way it makes you feel, and the inspiration that can be derived. There were certain exhibits and galleries that have left a never ending impression in my heart and brain. I’m so mad at myself for not taking a card, or writing down the name of these particular ones (mental note for next time).

The Pace Galleries were DOPE:

-This One created by David Bryne named the “Tight Spot” features a gigantic inflated World globe that is wedged between steel posts, which serve as the foundation for “The Highline” public park  located above.

-The Social Media exhibit was also quite fascinating. It displays the impact and dominance that the world of social media has on our current generation and the world.

Also, If I may suggested the perfect place for serene replenishment, check out The Frying Pan bar located on a ship literally a top the Hudson river:

“Built in 1929, this historic lightship (one of the few remaining) is said to have spent three years at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay before being salvaged and brought to Chelsea Piers to become the ultimate “dive” bar. The boat, docked on a railroad car barge, boasts a musty, barnacle-encrusted interior (complete with catwalks and an exposed engine room) straight out of a Nine Inch Nails video. The far end of the barge often serves as a moody dj lounge and stage for live acts. Booze and burgers are served up on the pier, and a 16-foot observation plank offers a fantastic view of activities on the Hudson, including the occasional water salute from the Frying Pan’s neighbor, the John J. Harvey fireboat.” source: 


Rooftops & Beer Gardens

3 May

Finally some warmth!  Hit Central Park yesterday for my first official visit of the year and had a splendid afternoon, indulging in my ‘king cone’ ice cream was definitely a highlight.

Felt so good to kick back, poke some smot, and people watch, all while soaking in some hearty Vitamin D- no place more visually stimulating then good ol’ NYC. Jamming to some Nikki Minaj Pandora also added to the tranquil serenity.

On a personal note, I have some news I need to share with all of you. For the first time, since living in NYC, I am certain I have fallen deeply in love. Real love, shoot for the stars-World Series kind of thing. People say when it happens you just know, and I can type here before you and vow that I have fallen madly in love with this city.

Sorry, back to the moral of the story and my intent for this post- Spring never sprung and I have a feeling that we have taken a hop, skip, and a leap, into the infamous sticky and humid Summer season. I see a bad moon rising Summer is on the horizon and that means two things: Rooftops and Beer Gardens.

Here are two solid directories with the best deals/ chillest atmosphere’s, that will keep you stylishly booze fueled all season long:


Beer Gardens:

From Libraries to Good Units

21 Apr

BanksySpring Break has been treating me well-

Although my main girls left me here to melt in the shit NY Weather® (may as well start trade marking it) I’ve been having some fun and  making $ at my latest cocktail gig Pop Burger (58th&5th).

Last night I headed out with the Socialight club crew and hit the Blackbook after concert party for Audio Dynamite. The party started in the ‘library’of the Hudson Hotel. Renowned NL blogger Steve Lewis aka Goodnight Mr. Lewis, of Blackbook Magazine, was tearing up the turn tables and looking fresh. Looking back I’m mad myself for not going up and introducing myself- to my defense the clashing pool balls and gripping rock tunes had me pretty distracted.

The party was killer-drinks were flowing.-met some really cool chicks and warmed up for the dance parties that followed downstairs in the notorious Good Units basement.

Around 2 am or so we headed to the basement -2nd time being here- I visited once before while helping out with a Prince Peter fashion show last year- and Jeeze do I love this place.

Dj Cassidy, and ?uestlove were hosting their monthly party,  and were blaring classic 80’s and ‘I’m proud to be an American’ rock n roll hits.

-Check this out if you’re on board to start the Revolution

Mmm I get warm thinking about it, sensations REAKING of an underground New York sweaty- free-urban-dance party (minus the confined space). Flawless red pewter and white graffiti donned the walls like a billboard, instilling the names of the honorary DJ’s

The most down and dirty tracks of the night go to Jump by the boy Van Halen and of course You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC.

Hell yes

balls Fa days

25 Feb

A bad habit I have gotten into, since living in New York for the past 2 years, is spending my week nights out and using the weekends for rejuvenation, work, and adult time. Although if you ask most NYC enthusiasts’, I think they will agree that parties Sunday-Thursday is when all the magic happens…

Lately I had been hearing a whole lot of buzz about The Meatball Shop, located in one of my fav places on earth, the LES (Lower East Side) of Manhattan… So I gathered up my home girls and we headed downtown, after all what is better than a Sunday Funday family dinner?

I was happily satisfied with my initial feelings about the shop. The very small dining room created an ambiance that couldn’t be more appropriate for an eatery located in these parts. Sounds of old school jams, and what I like to call feel good music, played LOUDLY.  The bumping choons added to the evident cool factor existing here.

According to the door host, and my friend who’s a chef there, this high volume of chaos was pretty standard at this popping little hangout. Regardless of the sardine packed bar and line  out the door, we were sat almost immediately.

Pronto we ordered a $19 pitcher to split between 4 of us (they of course stock 3$ PBR’s as well). Our cute waitress handed us the shops signature dry-erase menus (which I found to be brilliant- a fool proof solution of preventing an inattentive waitress from screwing up your order). My friend and I shared two meatball subs-we chose the traditional beef balls with classic red sauce, and chicken balls with mushroom gravy. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Needless to say, my homies and I were pleased with our experience, and evening spent at this quaint, unique, and of course trendy, LES jammer.