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balls Fa days

25 Feb

A bad habit I have gotten into, since living in New York for the past 2 years, is spending my week nights out and using the weekends for rejuvenation, work, and adult time. Although if you ask most NYC enthusiasts’, I think they will agree that parties Sunday-Thursday is when all the magic happens…

Lately I had been hearing a whole lot of buzz about The Meatball Shop, located in one of my fav places on earth, the LES (Lower East Side) of Manhattan… So I gathered up my home girls and we headed downtown, after all what is better than a Sunday Funday family dinner?

I was happily satisfied with my initial feelings about the shop. The very small dining room created an ambiance that couldn’t be more appropriate for an eatery located in these parts. Sounds of old school jams, and what I like to call feel good music, played LOUDLY.  The bumping choons added to the evident cool factor existing here.

According to the door host, and my friend who’s a chef there, this high volume of chaos was pretty standard at this popping little hangout. Regardless of the sardine packed bar and line  out the door, we were sat almost immediately.

Pronto we ordered a $19 pitcher to split between 4 of us (they of course stock 3$ PBR’s as well). Our cute waitress handed us the shops signature dry-erase menus (which I found to be brilliant- a fool proof solution of preventing an inattentive waitress from screwing up your order). My friend and I shared two meatball subs-we chose the traditional beef balls with classic red sauce, and chicken balls with mushroom gravy. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Needless to say, my homies and I were pleased with our experience, and evening spent at this quaint, unique, and of course trendy, LES jammer.