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“Cool Kids Can’t Die”

17 Mar

Something about cotton, graphic print tees that I obsess over, so simple + effortlessly cool…

You could only imagine my feelings after receiving this Jac Vanek signature “Keep Calm And Party On”
tank in the mail last week -I was gushing with self-esteem fueled happiness.


Another amazeee line of tees that I can’t get enough of are from DJ turned designer, Prince Peter Ruprecht (better known as Prince Peter), creator of the Prince Peter Collection. I had an opportunity to work several fashion week events this past year with Prince and his team, I witnessed first hand the passion they possess for their line. A fusion of fashion, art, and music, this clothing line implements pure and uninhibited rock n’ roll style . The hardcore, over-the-top, bad ass images, are photographs taken by a variety of artists.

Prince first entered the NY scene as a DJ-djing swanky celebrity event’s and parties at some of Manhattan’s most exclusive and legendary spots including Avenue, Don Hills, and South Side. After having the opportunity to do a collaboration with legendary music photographer Mick Rock, for a line of unisex t-shirts, he became recognized as a designer and respected by the NY fashion community.

His iconic screen printed tees have become a trend among a plethora of A listers-Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, and Russel Brand have all been photographed wearing the collection